Aura-Chakra-Reading (Online)

I see something that you don't see... Learn to perceive energies - und also get them right! Setting the right priorities is paramount for your happiness in life. That includes choosing carefully which pieces of information you want to take in. What is useful, what is fluff, what's a burden? Suiper-sensitive people have to learn that, or else they'll be flooded by information that might, at best, be interesting, but are mostly non-digestible.

Good news: Your body is 100% honest! Our mind loves lying to itself, which constantly creates life-structures which are not based on reality - and thus won't work. By applying this ground-breaking shamanic method of seeing - Aura-Chakra-Reading - we can take our understanding to the next level!

Aura-Chakra-Reading is fascinating and fun at the same time! We will read the main energy centers, our chakras, and the "energetic skin", our auric fields, and we will discover our true strengths, our hidden weaknesses and our actual emotions. With every reading topic we focus on we will rediscover more parts of ourselves.

Ideal for super-sensitive, spiritual people and Life Coaches. I've been loving this method for more than 15 years. It saves an awful lot of time and immediately produces applicable results. With this method of Aura-Chakra-Reading, even beginners can produce workable readings after only 1 hour.

Setting the course - it all starts with consciousness. What we cannot perceive, we cannot change! 


  • Chakra Basics as a universal principle of order
  • Reading Energy Systems (Human, Animal, Plant, Building, Company)
  • Deliberate Opening and Centering
  • Centering Meditation
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Your Inner Child
  • Building a Bridge for your intellect
  • Reading the Participants' important Life Topics
  • Private Readings only with explicite consent!
  • Deap Realizations, pragmatic Interpretations
  • Developing Entwicklung one's very own Talents (visually, kinesthetically, etc.)
  • Basics of ACR Life Coaching
  • And much more...


  • 10am - 6pm
  • lunch break 
  • Smaller breaks in between


  • 320€ (incl 19% VAT) 
  • Incl. manual
  • Instalments on request
  • White Feather Certificate


  • My Zoom classroom
  • Link and Access Code will be sent upon signing up
  • Aura-Chakra-Reading works great as "remote reading"!


  • English 
  • German


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