Meeting the Angels

Clear your path - with angels! Angels (from ancient Greek = aggelos) are the messengers of the divine. Whoever has had an intensive and touching contact is motivated to feel this uplifting and inspiring feeling, which also conveys security, more and more often.

No matter which area of your life: We can always use happy coincidences everywhere. In the office, while cleaning or making love, at school or while celebrating, and of course on the healing path...  Comfort, courage, security, humor, important information and more love are closer than you think. Angels only come as close as you want them to. 

Further seminar contents:

  • Angel Basics
  • Clarification of typical misunderstandings
  • Initiation into healings & clearings
  • The Raphael Heart Healing - The Gabrielle Water of Life
  • The Metatron Light Pyramid
  • The Michael Clearing
  • Uriel Earthpower
  • The Guardian Angel Ritual
  • Angel rituals themselves design (eg "love spell")
  • Candle rituals
  • How should a prayer really be?
  • Initiation into the transportable Archangel-Crystal-Altar (very practical for Feng Shui on the way)
  • Initiation into the 9 orders of angels, their symbols and their healing blessings
  • UVM

Seminar times: SA+SO 10.00-18.00 hrs
Of course there will be small breaks in between. The lunch break lasts about 90 minutes and is gladly used by the participants to have lunch together. You can of course also just rest in the practice rooms or go off on your own.

Please bring: Writing utensils, comfortable clothing, thick sock, digital recording device (if desired).

Seminar price: 

390€ (incl. VAT)
Including comprehensive manual  
Payment in installments possible on request

Seminar location: ZOOM


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