Detox Day (Online)

Rule of Thumb: "Your toxin output should always be higher than your intake."

Every day environmental toxins and medication-related chemicals find their ways into our bodies. This is cause for a multitude of negative effects that most often can only be attributed indirectly.

  • Detox day takes place once every week and will help you and your family detox
  • Detoxified you are more balanced, and your performance and even your smell are better
  • Relax for 30 minutes, while I work my magic

Starts: 9 PM CET
Duration: 30min
Where: Zoom   Enter here
Passcode: 123
Price: 10€
Bring: Sofa, Water, Time

Incl. high-powered Rainbow Reiki® energy work, such as 20-minute full-body Reiki transmision Kiss of the Great Goddess. Incl. brain stem detox to help your body flush out environmental toxins, vaccination-related toxic substances and the like.



* This event and any energy transmissions or information conveyed therein are not meant to replace diagnose or therapy by a state-approved physician. Thank you.


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