Drei-Strahlen-Meditation: 3. Auge (Online)

The 3rd eye (brow chakra) serves (among others) the following themes:

  • Cells, Organs, Chakras, Subpersonalities working together as a team.
  • Establish unity
  • Resonance with the High Self
  • Aligning one's own vision with the greater whole
  • Establishing appropriate life situations
  • Personal meaning of life

Prejudices, inappropriate beliefs, misunderstandings and other blockages complicate our life path. A sense of meaninglessness sets in.

3-Rays Meditation Level 0: Kanseya Sou La Tou Verenya helps to free a crystal clear vision for one's life!


  • 4 evenings
  • 1st evening, 21.00-22.00: Initiation / Introduction
  • 2nd-4th evening, 21.00-21.20: common meditation + healing information
  • Online via Zoom


  • 119 Euro
  • Repeaters: 69 Euro


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