Be immune! (Online)

Corona crisis !?

During demanding times most people are looking for fresh orientation. I welcome you to this weekly event. My Zoom online class room is guaranteed to be sterile - the event is not (will be juicy!).


  • Background on Corona
  • How to fortify your immune system
  • What do we have to learn?
  • How to make the best out of a difficult situation
  • Practical tipps
  • 20-minute Energy Transfer with Rainbow Reiki "KIss of the Great Goddess" plus many extras for your immune system (mantras, arch angel magic spell, ...)

Overall time:


  • 10€ (normal)
  •   5€ (reduced, only if you are in crisis mode)
  • If you need option 2, please send me a short PM b4 the event, thx
  • Payable through PayPal,



  • English
  • German
  • Finnish





  • Dan Mor (German / English)
  • Rija (Finnish)


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