Rainbow Reiki Practitioner 1 (English, Online)


  • Initiation into the 4-Element Symbols (Fire, Earth, Water, Air), in order to supply the Body's respective Functional Circuits directly with Reiki
  • Energetic Acupuncture including Initiation into a special Noetic Symbol and Mantra for highly effective and gentle Rainbow Reiki® Treatment of Acupuncture Master Points known from Chinese Acupuncture Teachings
  • Advanced Methods of Aura / Chakra Work with Reiki
  • Psycho Surgery: Removing Energetic Blocks safely and gently through Astral Energy Work, similar to Philippine Spiritual Healing
  • Qualified Karma Clearing - Intensifying Karma Clearing as known from 2nd degree Rainbow Reiki® by Including Angels and other Beings of Light
  • Journey into the bodies of Humans, Animals, Plants, Crystals or Power Spots
  • Astral Rainbow Reiki® Healings
  • How to Open and Close a Chakra
  • How to professionally assist intensive emotional healing reactions
  • Rainbow Reiki® Feng Shui



  • 390€ (incl VAT)
  • Manual (PDF)
  • Certificate


  • 2nd degree Reiki or Rainbow Reiki®
  • Computer with good Internet
  • Webcam with Audio




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