Saydiyay© Wellness Massage (English)

Everyone can give wonderful massages! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And massaging with Goddess Energy is ever better! Saydiyay is a form of "soul communication". Every part of your body is only waiting to be re-awakened... We allow ourselves to be lead by the Goddess into the realms of enjoyment.

A very "feminine" type of massage. There will be no pressing, tearing of muscles, forcing or hurting. Instead spiralling, meandering, sliding, circling, caressing and gentle exploration of the body's "landscape".

The sensual energy of the 2nd chakra will be gently activated and directed to areas in need. By doing this, deep-seated tensions can be "melted". As a result, more of our Life Force can flow through us again and reconnect us with the big river of life.

There's a life before and a life after Saydiyay! Prepare to change: Whoever has gotten a taste of the new -yet familiar - sense of life will know that returning to a former, number state will not be option! 


  • Spiritual initiation into Saydiyay
  • The Art of Touch
  • Massage basics
  • Tender caress
  • Warm, energized oil
  • Personalizing "healing-oil"
  • Intuition & Being guided
  • Great massage techniques
  • Massage exchange in groups of 2 or 3
  • And so much more...

Saydiyay is more than "just" a massage:  Spiritual goddess energy will assist you and deepen the healing effects. Saydiyay is great for singles and couples and especially for massage professionals.

  • Saydiyay is good for lonely people with fear of intimacy
  • Saydiyay dissolves many anxieties
  • Saydiyay is a massage ritual - returning into the circle of life!
  • Saydiyay is good for people of any age
  • Saydiyay for nurturing your partnership
  • Saydiyay when your sensibility and sensitivity are disturbed
  • Saydiyay translated: "The touch that makes you happy"


  • SAT + SUN 10AM to 6PM
  • Short breaks
  • 90 minute lunch break


  • 390€ (incl VAT)
  • Incl. comprehensive manual
  • Certificate


  • Practice Dan Mor, Striehlstr. 11. 30159 Hannover



  • Don't worry, you can take part even without bringing a partner. So far, we have always found a very good match for doing the massage exercises.



  • Saydiyay© by W. Lübeck


Please note: 

  • Saydiyay© does not replace diagnosis or therapy by a state-approved physician.



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